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Documentary reveals how polar bears are adapting1 min read

12 December 2010 < 1 min read


Documentary reveals how polar bears are adapting1 min read

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Balancing precariously on the edge of an ice-shelf, this gigantic polar bear and his cub are on the hunt for food.

As the world’s largest land carnivores, these magnificent creatures are usually happy to stick to a delicious diet of seal, able to kill them swiftly and surely with a single swipe of their huge paws.

John Downer, who began his career at the BBC’s Natural History Unit 30 years ago at the age of 24, is now the king of the jungle when it comes to capturing creatures on camera. His work as one of the world’s top independent wildlife film-makers is pure animal magic.

To achieve this close-up insight into the life of the polar bear, Downer peppered the Arctic islands of Svalbard, north of Norway, with a range of quirkily disguised, remotely operated cameras that have become the award-winning documentary-maker’s trademark.

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