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Poll: excessive smoking scenes in movies and animations

11 December 2010


Poll: excessive smoking scenes in movies and animations

A survey by the Bureau of Health Promotion (BHP) revealed that some of the most popular animations currently on television feature too many smoking scenes.

30 percent of 102 randomly selected 2010 movies feature smoking scenes in comparison with the same numbers shown in 2009 (60.5 percent) and 2008 (58.8 percent).

The survey also revealed that the movie with the most smoking scenes in the past year was the popular Taiwanese movie Monga. The blockbuster that tells the story about a group of gangsters in Taipei City’s Wanhua District in the 1980s features 120 scenes showing people smoking cigarettes, which equals to a scene per minute in the two-hour-film.

Moreover, Japanese animation TV series “One Piece”, which is extremely popular among children in Taiwan, was found to contain an average of nine smoking scenes per episode.

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via The China Post

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