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Online company wins Mediacorp copyright appeal1 min read

10 December 2010 < 1 min read


Online company wins Mediacorp copyright appeal1 min read

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The Court of Appeal has found in favor of online startup RecordTV, which was sued for offering a service that national broadcaster MediaCorp said infringed on its copyright.

RecordTV allows registered users to record and view programs on free-to-air TV channels including MedicaCorp’s channels on their personal computers.

After its launch in July 2007, RecordTV received letters from MediaCorp carrying requests to stop its online service or face legal action for copyright infringement.

“As a citizen, I am baffled. Here, virtually every home in Singapore pays a TV tax to fund MediaCorp’s public interest programming,” said RecordTV CEO Carlos Fernandes. “But then they come out and claim that Singaporeans are ‘infringing’ when they record broadcasted content. Shouldn’t they be pleased that more people are watching public interest programming?”

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