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Got a minute? Make a video!1 min read

10 December 2010 2 min read


Got a minute? Make a video!1 min read

Reading Time: 2 minutes and Socialutions have partnered to host the first ever 1 Minute Film Festival Asia n Hong Kong.

Based on Festival do Minuto, the world’s first one-minute film festival from Brazil, the competition encourages anyone in Asia to shoot and submit their one minute film.

Marcelo Masagão

The one minute format makes it easy for both amateur and professional filmmakers to compete on a level playing field, putting more emphasis on creativity than on technical skills alone.

Videos can be submitted to the 1 Minute Film Festival Asia under four categories sponsored by Diesel, Clean Air Network and Cyberport as well as an additional free category.

All submissions that are selected for the festival will be given a public rating as well as a professional rating from an official panel of expert judges. The sponsors will also take part in the judging process, and prizes will be awarded to the top videos in each category.

The 1 Minute Film Festival Asia will use the same “˜Minute Planet’ video platform for video submissions as Festival do Minuto. Deadline for submissions, except where otherwise noted, is 31st January 2011.

The screening & awards will be announced at a ceremony on 19th February 2011, and the screening of the semi-finalists and winners will be at the Grand Cinema, Hong Kong.

All video submissions will be under the Attribution, Non-Commercial, ShareAlike (BY-NC-SA) Creative Commons license, which is the global standard for pre-clearance licensing systems.

For more details on 1 Minute Film Festival Asia >>

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