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Scrabble Spells Digital for Middle Eastern Cinemas

9 December 2010


Scrabble Spells Digital for Middle Eastern Cinemas

Mumbai-based Scrabble Entertainment and five major Hollywood movie studios are extending their cooperation into the Middle East.

They will be subsidising the digitalization of more than 400 regional movie theaters over the next two years, Scrabble CEO Ranjit Thakur said.

Scrabble, India’s first and only digital cinema deployment company, upgraded 220 screens in 23 cities in India over the last three years and has plans to put digital systems into 250 more theaters next year.

The cost to cinema owners in most Middle Eastern countries will be comparable to the costs incurred by Indian cinema owners with one exception, import duties, which typically are around 5% in the Middle East compared with 20% in India, Thakur said.

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via The Hollywood Reporter

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