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Paramount COO: 3D, Simultaneous Release Don’t Prevent Piracy

9 December 2010


Paramount COO: 3D, Simultaneous Release Don’t Prevent Piracy

3D is useless in the fight against online piracy, and simultaneous release online is not a tactic to be adopted to tackle a problem shared by the international film community.

Paramount Pictures COO Frederick Huntsberry demonstrated how current releases from Hollywood or Bollywood can be viewed within five computer mouse clicks from anywhere in the world.

He also showed that stereoscopic 3D, seen as a means to attract viewers into cinemas, has also not proved a solution for online piracy. A lens can be fitted in front of a pirate’s camera to take out the second layer and to offset the 3D effects. The pirated 2D copy is then released online.

Consumers who use such websites, suspected to be controlled by organized crime, and which have made millions for their illegal operators, require subscription fees that also expose the user’s name, credit card number, and address to organized crime, Huntsberry pointed out.

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via The Hollywood Reporter

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