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Winning Notes from Yahssir, PDA champ1 min read

8 December 2010 < 1 min read


Winning Notes from Yahssir, PDA champ1 min read

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Pitching and Development with Ashok (Project PDA) is a MDA-originated series to commemorate Amritraj for his achievements as he celebrates the production of his 100th film.

Mohamad Yahssir, the winner of Project PDA, has also recently won the Panasonic Digital Film Fiesta with his short film “Bomai”

“The core intention of my short film was to capture the essence of an average young man’s life journey of mediocrity, confusion and fear and how just a small change in perspective that occurs in my protagonist in the story as he interacts with a frail elderly Singaporean aunty who collects empty cans to sell to supplement her income, brings him HOPE,” he said in an interview with SINdie on his winning entry “Canhope”.

Project PDA will be broadcast at the end of this year on Singapore’s free-to-air channels, and winners will have the opportunity to hone their skills and learn from the best in the business. In addition, they also stand a chance of having their films co-financed by MDA and globally distributed by Hyde Park.

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