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Lights, Action and… Genesis or RED ONE camera?1 min read

7 December 2010 < 1 min read


Lights, Action and… Genesis or RED ONE camera?1 min read

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Panavision’s Genesis and the independently made RED ONE are currently two of the hottest digital cameras around.

DGA Quartely asked directors about the pros and cons of each, and their experiences of the cameras.

Panavision’s Genisis and the independently made RED ONE.

“What I love about RED is you give them a hurdle and they respond,” says David Fincher, who shot the Facebook biopic The Social Network, with a RED ONE, a low-cost camera made by a start-up company funded by a billionaire sunglasses mogul.

“Both cameras have their pros and cons,” notes Dean Devlin, director and producer of the cable series Leverage. “The advantage of the Genesis is that it’s a rock-solid camera, made by a company with an enormous history and a huge support base. Plus it’s very good in low light using all the Panavision lenses. The downside is that you’re recording on tape. The RED has the same advantage as far as excellent lenses, but the downside is that it’s from a company that’s just a few years old, and there are still lots of bugs.”

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