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“The Godfather” director’s nephew favours digital filmmaking

5 December 2010


“The Godfather” director’s nephew favours digital filmmaking

The name Coppola opens doors, or at least grabs the attention of fans of “The Godfather” creator Francis Ford Coppola.

Christopher R. Coppola, Francis’ nephew, shared his experience on making a low-budget independent film with digital equipment.

Christopher R. Coppola

“I was going around saying digital was the great equalizer,” said Coppola, whose brother is actor Nicolas Cage. “There’s so much potential not only for big Hollywood filmmakers, but for independent filmmakers and nonfilmmakers.”

“Old-school people are afraid of new school, and the new school couldn’t care less about the old school,” Coppola said. “I think both sides need to connect, and I’m trying to help bridge that gap.”

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