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The African life in Malaysia1 min read

5 December 2010 < 1 min read


The African life in Malaysia1 min read

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‘Most Wanted Queens’, the brainchild of Henry Cesh, is the executive producer of the movie Most Wanted Queens.

It is a tale about three different girls from different cultures and countries in Kuala Lumpur who put aside their differences and live their lives amidst different adventures.

“There is so much cultural diversity in Malaysia and I thought it was a good background for a movie about the life­styles of Africans in another country,” said Cesh, who came up with the idea when he first arrived in 2006.

Chopa Entertainment hopes Most Wanted Queens will boost the integra­tion of Afro-Asian cultures in communi­ties around Malaysia and Asia. The group also hopes future projects will act as a catalyst for young, talented people to pursue their interests.

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