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Foreign spouses from Taiwan produce biographical documentary

4 December 2010


Foreign spouses from Taiwan produce biographical documentary

Determined to speak for themselves, a dozen immigrant spouses in Taiwan publicized a documentary detailing their lives and discrimination faced in Taiwan.

The documentary, entitled Don’t Be Afraid, focuses on the lives of four immigrant spouses from Southeast Asia in Taiwan.

Don’t Be Afraid teaser (Mandarin with Mandarin subtitles)

It shows them learning how to read Chinese, speak Hoklo (commonly known as Taiwanese) by singing Hoklo songs with their mothers-in-law, helping other immigrant spouses and taking care of their children.

“Because of cultural differences, many people [in Taiwan] think that we immigrants are incapable of doing anything. They think we’re incapable of working and incapable of teaching our kids – they think we came to Taiwan because we are from poor countries and wanted to make money here,” Yadrung Chiou, executive secretary of the Trans-Asia Sisterhood Association Taiwan (TASAT), who is originally from Thailand

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via Taipei Times

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