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Professor in “The Cove” claims editing was arbitrary1 min read

3 December 2010 < 1 min read


Professor in “The Cove” claims editing was arbitrary1 min read

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A professor who appeared in the Oscar-winning U.S. documentary “The Cove” about dolphin hunting in Japan has filed a lawsuit against a film right holder and distributor.

He claimed that his comments were edited arbitrarily and his reputation was thereby damaged.

Tetsuya Endo

According to the complaint by Endo, he was introduced by a fellow researcher abroad to the director of the film, Louie Psihoyos, and asked by him in February 2007 to appear in his documentary concerning mercury contamination of marine life.

In reference to the scene in which Endo was holding in his hand the meat of a dolphin from Taiji, he argued that the director arbitrarily inserted into the scene a caption saying mercury was detected in the meat, even though he was explaining about another dolphin.

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via The Mainichi Daily News

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