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Promoting projects in paradise1 min read

2 December 2010 < 1 min read


Promoting projects in paradise1 min read

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The fourth edition of India’s project market Film Bazaar wrapped last week in Goa with plaudits and even some signed deals.

Some 20 projects from India and a smattering of small company corporate now represents a fascinating window into India’s emerging indie production scene.

Moving under its own steam in a different direction, India’s art-house crowd now seems set to be connecting with an international support group which has little to do with the Indian diaspora that is the target audience of the Indian studios overseas.

“You have to remember that today’s Indian studio model is only five or six years old. The hope was that they were going to have a rainbow of films of different kinds. But neither they nor the Hollywood studios are making “˜independent’ Indian films,” Sanjay Suri said. “Indian studios are not interested in script, only a star cast. We, in contrast, have a story to tell.”

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