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Han Yuqi dreams big at Shanghai’s smallest cinema

2 December 2010


Han Yuqi dreams big at Shanghai’s smallest cinema

At Image Tunnel, a wooden loft known as Shanghai’s smallest cinema, everything is done differently. “We show independent movies,” explains Han Yuqi, 47, owner of Image Tunne;.

Movies are projected on a wall rather than a theater screen. And they show movies that you probably can’t find at any other cinema.

Han Yuqi

Ask Han, a passionate painter, why she has become one of Shanghai’s most well-known indie film advocates, and her answer is simple: “My goal is to improve China’s cultural influence on the global stage.”

She recalls how suspicious movie makers were when she approached them with offers to promote their work for free — a rarity, to say the least, in the Chinese movie community. “I support movie makers born during the 1980s and 1990s,” says Han, “because they will shape the future of China’s film industry.”
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