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Bruce Lee, My Father1 min read

2 December 2010 < 1 min read


Bruce Lee, My Father1 min read

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While he was alive, and for years after his death in 1973, Bruce Lee’s movies were banned in the country of his ancestry, China until 1980.

Meanwhile, Chinese fans will see more of Lee-or people playing him-on the big screen and elsewhere.

A new movie of his early life, “Bruce Lee, My Brother” starring Aarif Lee, has just been released-though it was made without Shannon Lee’s blessing. Shanon Lee, president of Bruce Lee Enterprises, the Los Angeles-based company that handles the licensing and merchandizing of her father’s name and image.

Advertisers have long known the value of the particular brand of coolness that Lee personified. Last year, Nike created the Nike Zoom Kobe V Bruce Lee line of sneakers that was marketed with images of NBA star Kobe Bryant in kung fu poses. Nokia also launched a special edition phone using the martial arts master.

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