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M’sia government streamlining RM50 million grant usage

1 December 2010


M’sia government streamlining RM50 million grant usage

The Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) is streamlining the RM50 million Networked Content Development Grant (NCDG) usage.

“We are reviewing the criteria needed to be prioritised. We want to make it in line with MCMC’s priority,” Chairman Tan Sri Khalid Ramli told Bernama Tuesday.

“When completed, the creative entrepreneurs will know where to go, whether to MCMC or other agencies to obtain funds and grants suitable for products they want to develop,” she said.

According to an update report from MDeC, the digital content industry is poised to reap RM1.14 billion by 2010, whereby content export alone will be worth RM660 million.

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via Bernama

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