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Rebranded Singapore Feature Film Gurushetram Expected to Release in India3 min read

30 November 2010 3 min read

Rebranded Singapore Feature Film Gurushetram Expected to Release in India3 min read

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Singaporean filmmaker TT Dhavamani was with his cast and crew in Chennai, India yesterday to launch the trailer for his feature film Singayil Gurushetram (Gurushetram in Singapore).

In Singapore the film was released as Gurushetram ““ 24 hours of Anger at selected Golden Village Cinemas in April 2010.

The launch event took place at the Four Frames Theatre in Nungnambakkam, a popular district with cine celebrities.

Noted Tamil film industry lyrist Kaviperarasu Vairamuthu and director Charan were the VIPs at the event. Vairamuthu’s son Madhan Karki who penned a song for the film also attended the event.

The film is expected to release in India this December according to reports. Information on actual distribution and release of the film in India were not available.

About the Film:
TT Dhavamani | 124 min | Tamil & English

~~~ Synopsis ~~~
Set in contemporary Singapore, Gurushetram – 24 Hours of Anger (Singayil Gurushetram), is a sinuously provocative, edge-of-your-seat thriller about Prakash who is brought up in a particular segment of the working-class Indian society lined with the wreckage of broken families and dreams.

Prakash, a 17 year old teenager, losing his family, seeks shelter with his uncle Vinod, the head of a drug ring, with his mentally challenged younger brother. The two teenagers emerge as pivotal accomplices in Vinod’s clandestine drug operations. “¨”¨Unknown to Vinod, an adamant narcotics police superintendent is hot on their heels after receiving a string of tips offs from an anonymous informant.

An earnest social counsellor tries to reach out to Prakash and his brother but meets resistance from those within and outside the law. Both the law enforcers and Vinod want a piece of Prakash and his defenseless sibling in a world fraught with drugs, peril, double-crossings and deceits. Prakash has no choice but play his final card to salvage the situation and protect his brother once and for all.

Gurushetram – 24 Hours of Anger trailer launch >>
Official Site (Singapore) >>

~~~ Trivia ~~~
– Gurushetram ““ 24 Hours of Anger is the second feature funded under the Singapore Film Commission’s $250K New Feature Film Fund Scheme.

– TT Dhavamani, the director co-wrote the script for the Tamil film with popular local playwright Chong Tze Chien who was his platoon mate from the army (National Service).

– The film was shot on RED camera by Singapore-based Belgian Cinematographer Lucas Jodogne who used the camera for the first time.

– The film’s editor, Praveen KL has handled a number highly successful Tamil films in India . He was until few years back based in Singapore. He recently received the India ‘s Tamil Nadu State Award for Best Editor. Ironically many reviewers gave the film a thumbs down for editing.

~~~ Director’s Bio ~~~
T T Dhavamanni is an award winning Singaporean TV director who is making his foray into film with Gurushetram – 24 Hours of Anger.

A port worker’s son, Dhavamanni dreamt of being a filmmaker since the age of seven.

Upon obtaining a diploma in engineering from Ngee Ann Polytechnic and doing national service Dhavamanni went on get a degree in Theatre Studies at Queensland University of Technology, Australia.

His children’s tele-movie “˜Matchstick’ garnered accolades in both the New York Film Festival and ABU/CASBAA UNICEF Child Rights Awards.

He has also won six awards at Mediacorp Vasantham’s annual Pradhana Vizha Awards and received four nominations at Asian Television Awards.

One of his signature drama series Guru Parvai focused on secondary school students ran successfully for three seasons and remains one of Mediacorp Vasantham’s most popular drama series ever.

38-year-old Dhavamani is married to popular Mediacorp Vasantham actress Renu Theresa whom he met on the sets of Guru Parvai. The couple have one child.

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