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Bengali filmmakers from India eye Bangladesh market1 min read

30 November 2010 < 1 min read


Bengali filmmakers from India eye Bangladesh market1 min read

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It may seem overpopulated, poor and conflict ridden to some, but Bangladesh is a new beacon of light for Bengali filmmakers from India seeking to expand their market.

Noted Bengali filmmaker Gautam Ghose says his team has managed to crack the Bangladesh distribution market barrier for the first time since 1952, with his film Moner Manush, an India-Bangladesh production.

‘In the past, the industry could not generate a market. Young distributors, however, are now looking beyond the borders in places like Bangladesh and other parts of the world,’ Ghose said, adding the Bengali-speaking Bangladeshis were scattered in large numbers across the world.

Bangladesh, which became East Pakistan at the time of India’s partition and then became an independent nation in 1971, could be an automatic market extension for India’s Bengali film industry, thanks to its Bengali speaking population and a strong cultural connect, say the filmmakers.

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