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Kandamby: Man with a mission1 min read

29 November 2010 < 1 min read


Kandamby: Man with a mission1 min read

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Ever since Hemapriya Kandamby was a child he cultivated the habit of picking and preserving anything and everything from paper, coins to bus tickets.

Today, this man Hemapriya Kandamby is the proud owner of a private archive, preserving films, songs, dramas, magazines, film posters, gramophones, projectors etc.

Among the proud possessions of Kandamy is a 70 mm projector, the first projector at Regal in the 1930s, film trailers of more than 350 rare Sinhala films including Athma Pooja, Nidhanaya, Sasaraka Heti, Soora Chowraya, Chandiya and others.

But state authorities have done little to help maintain these treasures. He asked state leaders to only provide him a suitable building to maintain these rare collections in a systematic manner.

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