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‘Schizophrenic’ actor accused of evading military service1 min read

28 November 2010 < 1 min read


‘Schizophrenic’ actor accused of evading military service1 min read

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Another Korean celebrity is being investigated by the police for allegedly dodging military service by claiming he had mental illness years ago.

Park Hae Jin, who starred in “East of Eden” in 2008, is at the center of the controversy stemming from his military enlistment exemption in 2004 due to schizophrenia.

The police are investigating Park’s exemption through records provided by the Military Manpower Administration.

Park appeared on dramas: “Famous Princesses” in 2006, “By Land and Sky” in 2007, “East of Eden” in 2008 and “Hot Blood” in 2009, and was last seen in the movie “The Rhythm of Chopsticks” released in October.

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