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IFC Center Highlights “Tokyo Story”

28 November 2010


IFC Center Highlights “Tokyo Story”

Until Western audiences discovered him in the early “˜70s, Yasujiro Ozu was the best director America had never heard of.

He died about a decade before in 1963, and despite having directed over 50 films, the handful that made it out of his native Japan didn’t get any farther than Europe.

Ken Mogg, who runs The MacGuffin, an academic journal dealing with the work of Alfred Hitchcock, said “Tokyo Story” has an insight to it that makes it one of his favorite films.

“Ozu wants to emphasize the essential and the recurring, as these comprise the lasting fabric of a life,” he said. “It’s about knowing one’s limitations, especially as one grows old; appreciating one’s family and wider circle; accepting both joys and disappointments; seeing the universal in the particular or the localized.”

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