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Locarno Film Festival to focus on India1 min read

26 November 2010 < 1 min read


Locarno Film Festival to focus on India1 min read

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For its next edition, the Locarno Festival’s co-production lab ‘Open Doors’ will focus on India.

Open Doors 2011 is the result of two-year collaboration with the Film Bazaar India/Goa Festival’s Screenwriters’ Lab, instigated with support from Nina Lath Gupta, managing director of the Indian national film promotion office (NFDC).

“Everybody knows that India outpaces the world in film production, releasing around 1,300 films every year. But these figures can be misleading,” said Artistic Director of Festival Olivier Père,

“The strength of commercial production, concentrated in the four main linguistic regions, should not make us lose sight of the many talented filmmakers across the country who are finding it very hard to express themselves through independent circuits. The next edition of Open Doors will give voice to those artists. ”

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via The Times of India

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