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24-year-old Rebecca Lim is a mother in upcoming movie

25 November 2010


24-year-old Rebecca Lim is a mother in upcoming movie

Rebecca Lim is young, exuberant with just a hint of shy, making it all the more difficult to picture the 24-year-old actress as a married woman, much less a mother.

Yet, that is exactly who she will be playing in her upcoming movie “The Ultimate Winner”, which is scheduled to air in Singapore theatres in May next year.

Though looking the part is important, Lim pointed out that communication is the key to any credible performance and both her and Li have been working hard to develop a rapport with their on-screen daughter so she would be comfortable working with them when shooting starts mid December.

Playing the role of a doting mother and loving wife, she describes Zhi Hui as a housewife and a gentle woman who is completely dependent on her husband financially and emotionally.

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