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Bringing Handmade Tales to Life1 min read

22 November 2010 < 1 min read


Bringing Handmade Tales to Life1 min read

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In recent years, advanced technologies have changed the world of animated films, with special effects becoming progressively more stunning.

However, a small number of filmmakers still have the skill and patience to use trickier animation techniques like stop-motion.

Balloon teaser by Firman Widyasmara (English subtitles)

Indonesian animator Firman Widyasmara said despite new technologies, stop-motion remained an important artistic style. “There are not many people in Indonesia who specialize in this technology anymore.”

He established an artists’ community called Lanting, which he described as a “small group of people coming from different backgrounds who get together now and again to learn more about animation.”

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via The Jakarta Globe

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