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Bread wins dough at FTPP1 min read

20 November 2010 < 1 min read


Bread wins dough at FTPP1 min read

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Taiwan films took all the prizes at the Film & TV Film Project Promotion event in Taoyuan County today, 18 Nov.

The project market’s top prize, worth NT$1 million, was awarded to The Soul of Bread, co-directed by Sean Kao and Lin Chun-yang.

The Soul of Bread – Episode 1(Hokkien & Chinese)

Kao, who previously shot the story as an award-winning television film in 2006, plans to “upgrade” the romance set in a small town bakery to a “real feature film”. He stated, “This time we will have more audience taste The Soul of Bread!”

The event also included a speed dating session with Taiwan’s increasingly vibrant film commission sector and a panel discussion with high-profile panelists from China and Taiwan.

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