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Ban on Chinese film-makers ‘so passe’1 min read

19 November 2010 < 1 min read


Ban on Chinese film-makers ‘so passe’1 min read

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Chinese director Lou Ye knew that the lead actor, Jia Hongsheng, in his 2000 film Suzhou River was depressed.

But little did he know the depression was so bad that it would drive Jia to suicide.

The Shanghai-born film-maker reminisced fondly: “I’ve plenty of memories of him being unreasonable and very nasty when he was in one of his angry moods – so much like a kid. Yet, he could also be very gentle.”

The Sixth Generation, which refers to Chinese film-makers who shoot in an underground, edgy style, have found ways to subvert China’s censorship policies. Lou said of such film-makers: “We are very independent, we do not stick to what the authorities say.”

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