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Group Logic: The future of America film exports

18 November 2010


Group Logic: The future of America film exports

The global public’s appetite for entertainment is increasing as a growing middle class has more leisure time and has more money to indulge in movies, music, and the like.

Global spending on film entertainment is expected to jump to $107.5 billion in 2014, up from $85.1 billion in 2009, driven by innovations like Blu-ray and 3-D.

But it’s not just big Hollywood studios cranking out blockbusters. The switch from physical disks to Internet-based distribution helped Group Logic accelerate its foreign sales.

While a movie buff in Jaipur, India, or Jakarta, Indonesia, might not mind too much if their illegally copied American blockbuster has a grainy picture, there’s no real equivalent in the software universe. If software is poorly copied, it won’t work, or the user runs the risk that the program will corrupt other files.

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