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Wong Fu Productions’s move to Youtube1 min read

17 November 2010 < 1 min read


Wong Fu Productions’s move to Youtube1 min read

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As part of its autumn tour speaking, Wong Fu Productions was at Northwestern University on 14 November as their Chinese Students Association’s fall speaker.

Wong Fu Productions quickly rose to fame after their first feature film, A Moment With You, and is currently helmed by Wesley Chan, Ted Fu, and Philip Wang.

Wang commented on the negative connotation people usually have of YouTube videos. Wong Fu Productions tries to prove to the public that a YouTube video doesn’t have to be low-quality or meaningless.

Being taken seriously is important to the group as they try to break the stereotype of Asian Americans in media. “We try our best to represent as best as we can,” Wang said. “We do get a lot of comments like “˜Why’s everyone Asian?’ The thing is: why not?”

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