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Lasalle Juniors opens application for children1 min read

17 November 2010 < 1 min read


Lasalle Juniors opens application for children1 min read

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LASALLE Juniors, the much awaited addition to LASALLE College of the Arts is here!

Our integrated programme blends various art forms to encourage holistic understanding, appreciation and exploration of the arts by both family member and children.

As this is a family integrated programme, the child has to be accompanied by one parent or one grandparent (must be physically fit) or one sibling (16 years and above).

These are introductory workshops, which will provide an overview of family participation through the learning of interdisciplinary art forms, which include Stories, Play, Music and Movement and Arts. Contents and themes of Boot Camp 1 are different from Boot Camp 2.

For more information of the event >>

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