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Win-win deals for film producers and TV in India

15 November 2010


Win-win deals for film producers and TV in India

Always strapped for cash, film producers have found new and willing financiers in television broadcasters.

TV channel are striking innovative deals with producers which include not only pre-release buys but also underwriting up to 40 per cent of the cost of the film before production.

“Quite a few films releasing over the next six months have been underwritten by some leading TV channels,” said a senior executive of a Mumbai-based production company.

Buying a film before the production begins, however, involves a great amount of risk. Hence, some broadcasters opt for pre-release satellite rights. “It is safer to take a bet on a film which is half done or is nearing completion. One can then take a calculated risk,” says Sameer Rao, head, Star Gold, the Hindi movie channel of Rupert Murdoch-owned Star India.

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via The Financial Express

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