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Film on climate change bad boy says ‘Cool It’

15 November 2010


Film on climate change bad boy says ‘Cool It’

Humanity has what it takes to adapt to global warming and there’s no need to panic: so goes the message in a new documentary on the bad boy of the climate change debate, Bjoern Lomborg.

“Cool It”, released in the US on Friday, is seen as a response to the Academy Award-winning documentary by former US vice president Al Gore, “An Inconvenient Truth”.

Lomborg, with his mop of blond hair and boyish grin, has often been labeled a climate change denier, a notion he rejects, insisting that “global warming is real, but we are tackling it stupidly.”

The world would be better served, he feels, by investing say 100 billion dollars a year in research and development of new scientific solutions to curb warming in the long-haul, as well as geo-engineering solutions like building resilient levies for a quick fix to imminent dangers.

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