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Film casted child actors from slums1 min read

14 November 2010 < 1 min read


Film casted child actors from slums1 min read

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Delhi-based independent filmmaker Nitin Das tapped the talent of child actors from the slums of Mumbai for his film “Jadui Pankh”.

“I wanted to cast children from slums, who had no prior experience in acting. This was to impress upon the fact that even people from poor background are talented and creative,” says Das.

“The film’s completion was delayed due to several reasons, including rain and technical snags. Moreover, the money trickled in slowly since various corporates were involved with funding the project,” says Das, who screened the film at Munich in June and Leeds Film Festival in April.

The seven stories are symbolic of the seven slums in Mumbai from where the children were chosen,” says Das, who shot the film in digital format – using a hand held Sony HD V ZI camera – in real locations at Dharavi, Cuff Parade, Grant Road, Wadala and Kumbharwada.

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