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Singaporean producer in search of power1 min read

13 November 2010 < 1 min read


Singaporean producer in search of power1 min read

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His life story can be mistaken for an Indian movie script. Mr J.K. Saravana is only 29 but he has been through what many would not have in a normal life time.

Like many youngsters, he had dreams. He wanted to study in the University of Southern California and become a film-maker.

His parents were the first to bring Tamil music director Ilyaraja here. But they are better known for bringing superstar Shah Rukh Khan not once but four times, each time with a different set of stars.

Opportunity came knocking when a music video production for children needed help and Mr Saravana stepped in. He ended up becoming the producer. Seeing his enthusiasm and that of his friends, local TV channel Vasantham offered the youngsters the chance to make a drama.

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