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KOFIC Chairman Resigns After Only 14 Months1 min read

9 November 2010 < 1 min read


KOFIC Chairman Resigns After Only 14 Months1 min read

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Cho Hee-mun, the chairman of the Korea Film Council, was forced to resign from his post because of a violation of public organization management.

14 months ago, his predecessor Kang Han-sup was forced to step down after the council received the lowest grade in the government’s annual performance review of all Korean public agencies

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter upon his inauguration last year, he said that his biggest mission was to work for the council to regain trust from the government and the industry.

While expressing his bitterness, 53-year-old Cho added, “I tried to build a new image of the council while trying to overcome our biases and barriers, but I regret that I did not put my best effort in interacting with people in the industry and aggressively trying to explain what many people had misunderstood.”

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