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Chinese film ‘Aftershock’ shakes tradition1 min read

9 November 2010 < 1 min read


Chinese film ‘Aftershock’ shakes tradition1 min read

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China isn’t content playing a critical role in the U.S. economy by gobbling up chunks of the national debt.

Now the global powerhouse is exporting some of its most popular films to American theaters, courtesy of AMC Entertainment.

The pact will bring up to 15 Chinese films per year to American theaters to be released on the same date in both countries – also contrary to the usual practice of releasing foreign-language films in the U.S. months after their home-country release and/or screening at American festivals.

“And, let’s face it: Hollywood films have exerted a degree of influence on filmmakers around the world. There’s certainly cross-pollination,” said Leonard Maltin, host of “Maltin on Movies” with ReelzChannel and longtime critic at “Entertainment Tonight.

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via Washington Times

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