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AFM Sees Frenzy of Weekend Deals1 min read

8 November 2010 < 1 min read


AFM Sees Frenzy of Weekend Deals1 min read

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A surge in general attendance gave the weeklong 31st American Film Market an electricity not felt in a couple of years.

Jonathan Wolf, AFM managing director said the number of buyers was unchanged from 2009 and that there was a 2% rise in companies attending.

Newly-formed distributor China Lion, a partnership between former Village Roadshow CEO Milt Barlow and AMC, North America’s No. 2 exhibitor, bought four films for day-and-date release.

“The competition for the titles with talent and a director on board is more intense this year. We’ve made offers on things and discovered there are three others already in the mix,” said one international-based studio buyer. “It’s maybe the first signs of people regaining a bit of confidence.”

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