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In Memoriam: Master Animator Pres Romanillos (1963-2010)1 min read

7 November 2010 < 1 min read


In Memoriam: Master Animator Pres Romanillos (1963-2010)1 min read

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On November 5, Walt Disney Studios hosted a special event in Burbank dubbed as “˜A Celebration of Life’ in honor of Filipino-American Priscillano “Pres” Antonio Romanillo

He is considered as one of the best feature animators in the industry.

Romanillos was such a beacon in the industry, that members of the Los Angeles Animation industry, including Animation Guild President Kevin Koch, organized an art auction to help the escalating cost of his medical treatment.

In Pocahontas, he was promoted to animator, working under lead animator Glen Keane, who described him as “a man who loved to draw. When he came to the edge of his paper, his pencil didn’t stop; he continued to draw characters onto the wood of his animation desk.”

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