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First 3D Erotic Film Exposed at AFA1 min read

7 November 2010 < 1 min read


First 3D Erotic Film Exposed at AFA1 min read

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The American Film Market will tomorrow (5 Nov) witness one of its more unusual sales events, the launch of 3D Sex and Zen – arguably the world’s first stereoscopic erotic feature.

Its producer, Stephen Shiu is far from shy and is touting not only the film’s cinematic credentials, but also its commercial potential.

“Since 1996 there has been no major erotic film,” says Shiu who scripted and executive produced an earlier version of Sex and Zen in 1991. “That was because of Internet downloading.”

Now, making it in digital 3-D means that his film can escape piracy and that customers will have to go to theatres to watch it.

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