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WORLDEAF presents a truly silent film festival1 min read

5 November 2010 < 1 min read


WORLDEAF presents a truly silent film festival1 min read

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It wouldn’t be a film festival without a competition and prizes, and that’s what’s in store for the WORLDEAF Cinema Festival 2010 as it opens at Gallaudet University today.

This festival will be the first time deaf filmmakers get to do what Hollywood does best: give each other awards and share about the deaf experience by a hearing filmmaker.

One goal of deaf film fests is to spread awareness among hearing audiences of the quality of deaf films, says Gallaudet president Alan Hurwitz. Deaf people are fiercely proud of their history, language and culture, he says.

“Like sign language, ‘film language’ involves much more than the spoken words of a script. An actor’s facial expression and deliberate body movements, which are also essential elements for communicating in sign language, are critical in conveying the full meaning of a movie line or a scene.”

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