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Documenting the challenges faced by Yemeserach, 14

5 November 2010


Documenting the challenges faced by Yemeserach, 14

An Ethiopian short film about a young woman who challenges harmful practices has won the UNICEF Prize at an international film contest in Japan.

The Whiz Kids Workshop film, entitled “˜Involve Me ““ Yemeserach,’ highlights children’s work in addressing issues such as exploitation and early marriage.

The Japan Prize International Contest for Educational Media, where UNICEF recognized “˜Involve Me ““ Yemeserach,’ has been organized annually since 1965. It honours organizations producing outstanding work that helps viewers to understand the lives or circumstances of children in difficult situations.

Yemeserach, who received video production training with the help of UNICEF, now lives in a shelter for abused children in Addis Ababa. She hopes to finish her education and help others.

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