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Film fest goes ‘Combinasian’1 min read

4 November 2010 < 1 min read


Film fest goes ‘Combinasian’1 min read

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The Vancouver Asian Film Festival is in its 14th year, has added some new wrinkles.

“The idea behind the festival is to provide a forum for independent Asian filmmakers in North America to showcase their work to both Asian and non-Asian audiences,” explains festival publicist Yumi Numata.

“This year the theme is “˜Combinasian,’ highlighting the kind of relationship between Asian and Western practices and perspectives, and celebrating that kind of diffusion of the West and Asian culture through film.”

“We programmed more documentaries, and we also made an effort to branch out to the South Asian community. Previously there were a lot of Japanese/Chinese/Korean films, and Filipino, but this year we programmed three South Asian films.”

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via Vancouver Sun

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