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My Jakarta: Monty Tiwa, Filmmaker1 min read

3 November 2010 < 1 min read


My Jakarta: Monty Tiwa, Filmmaker1 min read

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One e-mail can change your life. Just ask Monty Tiwa.

Eight years ago he was writing short stories, working the graveyard shift at Kinkos, a photocopy chain in Austin, Texas, when he opened an e-mail from a Trans TV producer here in Jakarta.

The guy had read some of Monty’s work online and he wanted to see what else the college sophomore could come up with.

“I never saw myself as a director; it’s just something that happened to me at a certain time in my life. It’s not a phase. I could go to Africa, but I’d still be a director. I’ll always be a director. I just don’t want to be defined as one. After growing up in America you realize there are so many possibilities in life,” he said.

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via The Jarkata Globe

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