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Lahore film industry ‘finished’1 min read

30 October 2010 < 1 min read


Lahore film industry ‘finished’1 min read

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LOLLYWOOD was once considered Pakistan’s answer to Bollywood, India’s multi-million movie industry.

But now many of the cinemas have closed and production almost halted as Bollywood sucks up Pakistani talent and deluges movie houses with Indian-made films, according to leading industry figures.

Lahore’s network of film studios used to produce hundreds of movies a year, filling cinemas in a country trying to develop its own cultural traditions and see off the overpowering influence of its giant neighbour.

Qaisar Sanaullah Khan, secretary of the Cinema Owners Association said Bollywood had been draining talent from Lahore’s studios for years. “It has always been one way. We just cannot afford to pay the sort of money that they do,” he said. “The Pakistan film industry is finished.”

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