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Vimeo Showcases The Top 9 Films On The Web1 min read

27 October 2010 < 1 min read


Vimeo Showcases The Top 9 Films On The Web1 min read

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The Vimeo Web Awards commemorated the 5th anniversary of the Vimeo website.

“We believe that the awards will not only honor the best work but, by pairing it with a festival, will also bring creative online communities together to learn from and be inspired by each other,” said Dae Mellencamp, Vimeo’s General Manager.

The nine award categories are a celebration of the diversity of artistic expression that can emerge from the video medium and the breadth of material on offer, from the slick and polished music video entry, to the tightly shot TV series entry and the experimental art documentary and video art entries is a testament to the strength of the Vimeo platform.

People around the world submit their videos for consideration across nine judged categories. The judges will choose the Best Online Video from the top videos in each category, and that winner will receive a $25,000 grant to produce new work.

Watch the winning videos here >>

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