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Na Hong-jin Film Location Opposed by China1 min read

27 October 2010 < 1 min read


Na Hong-jin Film Location Opposed by China1 min read

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Korean director Na Hong-jin’s The Yellow Sea faced a major challenge before shooting even it’s first frame of film – location.

The Chinese government was worried that the film might negatively impact the state’s already poor image, according to the film’s producer, Popcorn Film.

Yellow Sea follows an ethnic Korean living in China who travels to Korea for a contract killing, but ends up being hunted by a rival assassin. The film, with a budget of $10.7 million, is produced by Popcorn Film and funded by 20th Century Fox, Showbox and Wellmade StarM.

“All we can say for now is that we had a very difficult time shooting in China,” Na said. “But we will leave it at that since it’s a continuing issue which could affect possible sales and distribution in China.”

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