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Is crowd-funding the future for documentaries?

27 October 2010


Is crowd-funding the future for documentaries?

For documentary-makers, web funding can be irresistible, particularly for films with a difficult social agenda.

“There are about eight people in the UK who can greenlight a film and I don’t think they are always rights about their decisions,” says filmmaker Emily James.

Slava Rubin, founder and CEO of IndieGoGo, believes the crowd-funding model is only at the beginning. “Over time crowd-funding will get stronger and stronger and even traditional ways of raising money will want to tap into this demand for research and audience-building as part of their investment.”

“I think it is important that films get made about things we have never heard about and crowd-funding is mostly about orthodoxy, so the films that the crowd will go for are the ones you would expect about climate change and child abuse, for example, and not the thing you’ve never heard of,” said Claire Fox, director of the Institute of Ideas.

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