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Festival of big films made on a small gadget

23 October 2010


Festival of big films made on a small gadget

In the first festival of its kind, a dozen renowned Korean filmmakers and cameramen were challenged to make short films with the iPhone 4.

For these film-industry people, who are accustomed to lugging around bulky cameras and equipment, shooting a film with the 137-gram (0.3 pounds) digital gadget was a relief, but presented a number of technical obstacles.

“I tried to find unique angles and create an atmosphere that could be only made with the iPhone,” Jeong Yoon-cheol said. “I hope [the iPhone] becomes an outlet for creative film lovers in the future.”

Some of the films are poetic, some are comical and some are more avant-garde. “If I had one more chance, I would make a 90-minute feature film with it,” Bong Man-dae said.

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via JoongAng Daily

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