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Make the most of your passion for movies1 min read

21 October 2010 < 1 min read


Make the most of your passion for movies1 min read

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If you dream about directing a blockbuster, or acting in a cult classic, there are many ways to get involved with the lights, cameras and action.

“Guerilla film-making is a cheap way to reach people,” said George Olver, producer of Tenacity on the Tasman. “Make films about anything and everything. Affordable editing systems let you work at the speed of thought, but all you really need is a camera phone.”

Events, premieres and festivals, such as the BFI London Film Festival (on until 28 October) and Singapore Short Film Awards (on till March 2011), offer brilliant networking opportunities ““ as well as creative inspiration.

“Everyone who watches films thinks they can make films,” said film-maker Martin Gooch, “but a course proves whether you have the magic or not.”

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