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Obama ‘trapped’ by Bollywood kidnap comedy1 min read

18 October 2010 < 1 min read


Obama ‘trapped’ by Bollywood kidnap comedy1 min read

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Ahead of Barack Obama’s visit to India next month, Bollywood has come up with a comedy kidnap movie woven around the president’s efforts to restore US economy.

“It is a hilarious story of how the global recession affects kidnapping business of gangsters in a small town,” writer and director Subhash Kapoor told reporters.

“Phas Gaya Re Obama” (“Obama is Trapped”), made on a budget of just 35 million rupees (800,000 dollars), is a comic tale of small time gangsters in northern India, whose criminal activities are hit by the global economic downturn.

There is no actual Obama character in the film, which stars model Neha Dhupia, who also appeared in a US television mini-series “Bollywood Hero” last year, and Rajat Kapoor.

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