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Jack Neo: Watch, then judge1 min read

16 October 2010 < 1 min read


Jack Neo: Watch, then judge1 min read

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At the Start-of-Production press conference for his upcoming movie Homecoming, Jack Neo made his first official public appearance since his dramatic press conference in March.

He was joined by fellow co-stars, Malaysian singer-director Ah Niu, local comedian Mark Lee and veteran deejay Huang Wenhong.

“Please watch the movie before judging the character I portray. Filming has yet to even start. But no matter, I’ll still listen to any feedbacks [from critics],” Jack reasoned.

His decision on returning to the big screen as a “woman” was not without detractors, with some netizens chiding the disgraced director’s actions as merely “trying to flog a dead horse”.

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